Efficiently Arranging Your Heavy Duty Pallet Rack System

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack | Managing an Efficient WarehouseBefore purchasing and placing heavy duty pallet racks in your warehouse, it is worth taking the time to create an efficient floorplan. After all, moving these racking systems is no easy task, as it requires extensive labor to remove and store the inventory and special equipment to move the racks, which can be costly.

Designing the ideal layout for your heavy duty pallet rack system will depend on the size and configuration of your warehouse. In most cases, it is best to consult with professionals, as they will not only be able to help you store your current inventory in as efficient a manner as possible, but can also assist with planning for any future expansions. One plan a professional may suggest is the fishbone aisle design, which many businesses have found success using. This plan involves laying out racks with diagonal, interlocking aisles, which allows for easy access from one point of the warehouse to another.

Contact Ace Industrial Equipment for expert guidance on the best way to arrange the heavy duty pallet rack system in your warehouse. We are industry experts with more than 20 years of experience providing industrial racking to businesses of all kinds across the nation.