How Much Weight Can a Heavy-Duty Pallet Rack Hold?

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

When purchasing a pallet rack, nothing is more important than ensuring you choose a system with an adequate load capacity. Failing to accurately determine the correct capacity can result in overloading your rack, causing premature wear and, in some cases, equipment failure that can pose a serious threat to your employees. For most applications, a standard pallet rack is suitable, as it will typically be able to hold 2,500 lbs. per pallet position. If the weight will exceed this amount, you’ll likely need a heavy-duty pallet rack.

So, how much weight can a heavy-duty pallet rack hold? It depends. There are a wide variety of heavy-duty pallet racks on the market with differing load capacities. To calculate your capacity needs, determine the heaviest single pallet load that you anticipate in your warehouse. Then, multiply that by the number of pallet positions available. Be sure to choose a heavy-duty pallet rack with a capacity that is higher than necessary—it is always a good idea to leave some breathing room in case you’ve made a slight miscalculation.

At Ace Industrial Equipment, we are proud to offer premium new and used heavy-duty pallet racks in a wide range of load capacities. As trusted experts serving businesses across the nation, we’ll help you select the perfect rack for your application.