Advantages of Incorporating Flow Rack Systems Into Your Warehouse

Flow RackIf you’re trying to increase efficiency in your warehouse, you should start with your storage methods. Utilizing static racking systems can result in congestion during the loading and unloading processes. What’s more, put-away and retrieval efforts are more labor-intensive. When you upgrade to flow rack systems, you’ll find that they solve many of the common workflow problems you encounter with standard racking.

A flow rack uses rollers and gravity to move stored items into unloading position after a pallet has been removed. Not only does this make loading and unloading much easier and more efficient, but it also allows for high-density storage, enabling you to store more inventory in less space.

To learn more about how adding flow rack systems to your facility can reduce costs and labor requirements while saving space and increasing efficiency, contact Ace Industrial Equipment today. We are the nation’s leading provider of used and new racking systems and can help you find the ideal solution for your needs.