Safety for Warehouses that Use Drive in Pallet Rack Systems

Drive in Rack

A drive in rack, as the name implies, can be driven into with a forklift to store or retrieve pallets. Typically, a rack will be used to store a single type of palletized product. This, along with the racks configuration, allows for maximum storage capacity with less warehouse space and fewer aisles. Because the pallets are stacked vertically as well as horizontally and heavy machinery is used in their storage and distribution, it is important to carefully develop and observe a robust set of safety precautions.

First and foremost, you should ensure your rack is designed and engineered by a reputable company and always adhere to specifications outlining weight and storage capacity. Ensure the correct type of pallets are used, as they will only be supported around the edges and may fail if the products’ weight exceeds the pallets capacity. And, because it’s likely that forklifts will impact the racks on occasion, be sure to routinely inspect your racking and discontinue use if any damage is seen.

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