Determining Warehouse Aisle Width for Drive In Rack Systems

Drive in Rack

Drive in rack systems are sensible solutions for businesses that require high-density storage of palletized inventory that needs to be moved by forklift. However, using drive in racks presents challenges when it comes to warehouse design. It is crucial that there is enough aisle space for your forklifts to easily pick up inventory and maneuver between aisles. However, making your aisles too wide can result in wasted space. Determining the ideal aisle width will depend on a variety of factors, including the turning radius of your forklifts and the size of your pallets. Typically, between eight and 13 feet should suffice.

When designing your warehouse layout, you may want to consider aisle arrangement as well as width. Many businesses have found that the fishbone aisle design maximizes storage density while making it easier to navigate from one end of the warehouse to the other.

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