What is the Best Type of Warehouse Shelving for Your Facility?

Warehouse ShelvingWarehouse shelving is typically used in light- and medium-duty applications, such as storing boxed products, tools, hardware, and other items that can be lifted by hand. However, there is not one type of shelving that is suited to all applications. For example, when it comes to storing heavier items in cartons, such as hardware, you’ll typically want to choose steel or rivet shelves. These shelving systems are highly durable and usually have higher weight capacities than alternatives.

For light-duty application, such as storing office supplies, wire or bulk shelving is probably the best solution. These shelves are easy to assemble and are lightweight, making it easy to move them as needed. In many cases, these types of warehouse shelving has casters, making this process even easier.

At Ace Industrial Equipment, we’re proud to offer all types of warehouse shelving to meet the unique needs of our customers. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the best storage solution for your warehouse.